Development planning and asset optimization

in all phases of the upstream Oil and Gas field life-cycle:

  • Exploration prospect evaluation (assessment of development feasibility)
  • Concept selection / Field Development engineering
  • Front-end design (FEED)
  • Production optimization and de-bottlenecking.

Petroleum engineering and Process engineering

  • Integrated Asset Modelling (IAM) / Integrated Production Modelling with MBAL/PROSPER/GAP/RESOLVE and process simulation
  • Unconventional gas: shale gas and coal seam gas (CSG)
  • Production technology: well performance analysis
  • Process simulation with HYSYS/UniSim, engineering and flow assurance
  • Compressor analysis over life of field.

Management consultancy

For organisations aiming for top-quartile performance:

  • ‘Digital Oil Fields’ assessment and implementation plans
  • Learning organisation
  • Change management

Optimization consultancy services

For consultancy on building mathematical optimization models, including with GAMS, please contact Janos Pintér (LinkedIn and Pinter Consulting Services).